EP 02: How Should We Practice Justice?

Criminal justice, prison, and police reform have become regular parts of our national conversation, especially since George Floyd’s murder and the pandemic continues to hit prisons hard. But what does justice mean? What does it mean in theory? And what has it meant in practice? Justice is a uniquely human experience and concept. And it’s… Continue reading EP 02: How Should We Practice Justice?

EP 01: The (Mis)Education of… All of Us?

Ninety percent of the school-age population attend public schools. What would happen to these institutions if that number plunged significantly? Homeschooling, home-school collectives, free schoolers, unschoolers–alternatives to traditional public school models have been increasing in popularity over the last two decades, and the pandemic has seen even more families opt to school their children at… Continue reading EP 01: The (Mis)Education of… All of Us?

Introducing We’re All Alright

Every morning brings a new headline: violence, injustice, disease, suffering. It’s a lot to take in, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably started to dread the daily routine of scrolling through the news. I want to stay informed, engaged and present with the realities of our world today, but all of those headlines had… Continue reading Introducing We’re All Alright