EP 08: Media: Where “Truth” Meets Human Nature

Has there ever really been such a thing as a reliable news source? The absence of clear communication–or even, it seems, any kind of strategy–is now frequently cited as the biggest failure and missed opportunity of the pandemic response, in the US and around the world. That lack, along with the absolute explosion of misinformation… Continue reading EP 08: Media: Where “Truth” Meets Human Nature

EP 07: Are Cults on the Rise?

The injustices done to people inside cults are very real. And yet the perpetrators of those injustices are rarely brought to justice, largely because the boundaries of personal responsibility are fuzzy at best in these cases. That does seem to be changing though–certainly in the court of public opinion–which we can see in the growing… Continue reading EP 07: Are Cults on the Rise?

Introducing We’re All Alright

Every morning brings a new headline: violence, injustice, disease, suffering. It’s a lot to take in, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably started to dread the daily routine of scrolling through the news. I want to stay informed, engaged and present with the realities of our world today, but all of those headlines had… Continue reading Introducing We’re All Alright