EP 09: Where Do We Go From Here? (The Good Place, Naturally)

One of my biggest intentions with this first season of We’re All Alright–and really, this podcast’s reason for being–was to explore our relationships with the collective–meaning all of us, all of humanity–and to do that through the lens of stories, headlines, issues, and questions that affect all of us.

And in that exploration, my hope was to remind us all of that connection we have, each of us, with all of us.

One of my other intentions was to help us make sense of the confusion, chaos, and turmoil of the last number of years, as a way of helping us all (myself included) feel better, feel safe, feel alright about our world and the times we’re living in.

But what I’m discovering is that it’s nearly impossible to make sense of this confusion.

Trying to apply logic doesn’t actually work because logic and reason just aren’t what they used to be!

When enough people reject collective truth, as less valid or legitimate than one’s personal truth, it becomes a rejection of the collective as a whole.

And since the same logic and reason no longer apply universally–or even for a sufficiently vast majority–making sense of it all may just not be in the cards.

And that’s when I realized…THIS is the bad place!

Which is where The Good Place comes in.

Today, I’m thinking about two of my favorite episodes of The Good Place and how they illustrate the complications of logic in modern life and what it means to be working to make the world a better place.

In This Episode:

  • How the accounting system (as portrayed in the series) illustrates the impossible complexities of modern life
  • Why the total eradication of suffering–aside from being impossible–might not be a desirable goal
  • Why acceptance that the world doesn’t make sense is the foundation living – and doing – well in it.


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