EP 03: What Does Justice Mean in the Freedom of Truth Era?

Freedom of “personal choice” (and speech, and truth) is the Great Justifier on social media today, which for all intents and purposes means the world since so many of us by choice or necessity spend so much of our lives online.

Personal choice–in schooling, in restorative justice–has been a theme of this podcast so far.

Thinking about restorative justice especially, in this climate of “personal choice” raises more questions than it answers.

It seems almost preposterous to consider whether restorative justice processes could play out successfully in our culture as it is.

What does justice mean in this “freedom of truth” reality we’re living in?

And if rules and laws are meant to support our responsibilities to each other–if we can even agree that is their purpose–then do we naturally create rules and laws?

Which leads to the biggest question: Do humans have an innate sense of justice?

In This Episode:

  • How injustices have always been part of human history and civilizations
  • Why a dissolution of civility matters, and why civility isn’t about being nice to each other
  • How “personal freedom” is weaponized to deny harm
  • How the human ability to create narratives gives us more power than we think to enact change

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