EP 04: The Power of Looking For The Good

Being hopeful is a practice.

Maintaining the perspective that we’re all, each of us, doing the best we can, that there is reason to be hopeful about our world and joyful about the human experience can be empowering, both for ourselves and for others.

But it’s a practice I remind myself of daily, even moment to moment. Especially in the presence of people with whom I deeply disagree.I still get angry. I feel rage. But I’m practicing and maybe you will (maybe you do!) too.

Today, I’m joined by my producer, Sean McMullin to have a conversation about why I started this podcast and why I’m so passionate about the practice of hope, of believing that We’re All Alright.

In This Episode:

  • Why I needed a perspective shift to help me see our commonalities
  • How to use anger for transformation
  • How my dad’s common refrain influenced my outlook and inspired the podcast
  • Simple ways to get back into the world when you’re feeling low or isolated

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